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frequently asked questions

 Do you have a minimum on renting your mismatched china?

Yes, we do have a minimum on our china rental of $200

Where all will Bespoke Settings deliver to?

We deliver to the general Dallas/Fort Worth area. If your event isn’t in the DFW area, please give us a call to discuss options!


Do we set up at events?

For an additional fee Bespoke Settings will set up the tableware at your next event!


Can I pick up the rentals myself?

Yes! You can pick up the rentals yourself if you would like. 


Do you rent other items besides china?

We sure do! We offer flatware, glassware, rugs, candlestick holders, dessert trays, table card holders, signs, mirrors & more! Follow us on Instagram at @Bespokesettings to keep up with the latest additions to our inventory!


Can I rent plates for an additional time for set up?

Of course! As long as there isn’t another event booked at that time, we can let you use the rentals for extra time at no additional cost. This is not a guarantee, it will depend each time on the booking schedule.

What happens if a plate or glass breaks?

Accidents happen and we understand that! However they don’t happen as often as you might think though, breakage fees are explained in the contract.

Can I customize the patterns I want to use?

Of course! We have a lot of different pattern/color options. You are welcome to stop by and choose the plates/glassware that you would like to use. Or you can tell us your vision/color palette and we can take care of the rest for you! 

Why Bespoke Settings instead of a large rental company?

At Bespoke Settings we offer unique and vintage pieces that you can’t find elsewhere. We also pride ourselves on providing a reasonable cost. We realize that weddings are so expensive, and we want everyone to have the beautiful wedding of their dreams without spending a fortune. When you shop Bespoke Settings you will be supporting a small, local, and family run business.